UFO Comic (title pending), 2017/2018
These are the first 18 pages of an autobiographical comic about a UFO sighting I experienced over the summer.  I've basically been chipping away at this since a few weeks after it happened, from thumbnails to sketches, inking, and scanning/editing.  The pages are displayed as they would be printed for an 8.5x11 zine (it will also have page numbers, which I forgot in these preview images!)

Diary Comics (2017)
A selection of strips I drew during my summer in north Idaho; I plan to compile these strips into a printed booklet for MICE.  More can be seen in the "comics" section of my website, as well as comics from that time I never put online.

Hourly Comics Day (2018)
Self explanatory!  I drew these in my sketchbook all day and then scanned and colored them in Photoshop.  I'm thinking about putting these into a small booklet for MICE.

Other examples of my comic work can also be seen in the "comics" page, or just click here.  Thanks for checking out my work!